4th Lithium Battery INTERNATIONAL Summit
(LBIS) Invitation

Lithium Batter

The 4th LBIS will be held in Shenzhen on May 5th-9th, 2019. The conference is organized by the LBIS committee, Shenzhen Graduate School of Tsinghua University and China Industrial Association of Power Sources, co-hosted by China Industrial Association of Power Sources, Industry-University-Institute Cooperation Innovation Alliance for Advanced Battery and Materials, Shenzhen JITE New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

This 4-day Summit has been organized with the vision of bringing together for the world’s premier science and technology leaders in the fields of energy storage devices, especially Li-ion batteries and the technologies beyond Li-ion (Solid State Batteries, Li/Air, Li/S, Fuel Cell, etc.), as well as EDV, CE and ESS applications, for focused discussions on materials, designs, processes.

Day 4: Special lectures with detailed discussions on critical and important topics, presented by Jeff Dahn, John Zhang, T. Ohzuku/M. Yoshio, JM. Tarascon, S. Visco.

Goals of the Summit

Discuss Challenges and Demonstrate Progress of Higher Energy Density, Lower Cost and Safer Energy Systems (HLSS) for EDV/ESS/CE Applications.

Focus of this Summit:
  1. Challenges of Various Energy Systems
  2. Detailed Challenges of the Li-ion battery Systems
  3. EDV/ESS/CE Applications and Needs
  4. Battery Market, Gov. Financial Aid and Possible Future Human Transportation Systems


May 5, 2019 Registration
May 6-8, 2019 Lectures, Presentations, & Poster Sessions
May 9, 2019 Special Lectures

Download Agenda in English Request Detailed Agenda in Chinese

John Zhang

John Zhang, Ph.D

Chairman of LBIS

IEEE(P1625) Cell Group Chair; Inventor of Ceramic Coated Separators, Pioneer of Sulfide SSE; Executive Officer, Technology, Asahi Kasei; Chief Technology Officer, Celgard LLC

John Zhang

Yoshio Nishi

Special Guest

Founder of Commercial Li-ion Battery; CS Draper Awardee; Former Sony CTO

John Zhang

Akira Yoshino

Special Guest

Inventor of Li-ion Battery; CS Draper Awardee; Fellow of Asahi Kasei

Jeff Dahn

Jeff Dahn, Ph.D

Vice Chairman, LBIS

Member of Canadian Academy of Science & Prof. of Dalhousie U.

Organization Committee and Keynote Speakers (List):

T. Ohzuku

T. Ohzuku, Ph.D

World Renowned Scientist and Prof. of Osaka City Univ.

JM Tarascon

JM Tarascon

Member of French Academy of Science & Prof. of College de France

M. Yoshio

M. Yoshio

World Renowned Scientist & Prof. of Saga Univ.

Liquan Chen

Member of Chinese Academy of Engineering

Robert Galyen

Chair of SAE EDV, SAE Fellow, Chair of NAATBatt CATL CTO

Minggao Ouyang

Member Chinese Academy of Science

Shoichi Matsumoto

Nissan VP of Operation, Former CEO of Envision AESC Japan Ltd.

Jiqiang Wang

Sr. Advisor of China Industrial Association of Power Sources

Ted Miller

Chairman of USABC & Sr. Mgr of Ford Motor Company

Yusheng Yang

Member of Chinese Academy of Engineering

Steven Visco

Inventor of Li/S and Li/Air Batteries & CEO of Polyplus

Feng Wu

Member of Chinese Academy of Engineering & CTO of National 973 Plan

Khalil Amine

Chairman of ABAA; Senior Fellow of Argonne National Laboratory

James Akridge

Renowned Solid-State Battery Expert, Former CEO/CTO of Scion/Valence

FeiYu Kang

Dean of Graduate School at Shenzhen, Tsinghua U.

Hiroyuki Akashi

Nissan Motor Company, Deputy General Manager

Yang Kook Sun

Member of Korea Academy of Engineering, Prof. HanYang U.

Didier Marginedes

Pioneer of Solid State Battery EDV, Former R&D director of Bollore, EVP of Bluesolutions

Additional Organization Committee Members & Invited Speakers:

  • Zhen Li
    Chairman and CEO of Gotion High-Tech
  • WeiPing Liu
  • ChengDu Liang
  • JunKui Gao
    LiShen Battery CTO
  • XueJie Huang
    Chinese Academy, Vice Chair of Chinese Battery Association
  • Shirley Meng
    Prof. UCSD, P&E Center Founding Director, Editor-J. Power Source
  • Jun Liu
    US DOE 500Wh/kg Program in Charge AAAS Fellow
  • Yong Yang
    Prof. Xiamen U. Editor-J. Power Source
  • ChengWei Xiao
    Chief Tech Expert National 863 Program
  • BoYan LIao
    Prof./Manager US Idaho National Laboratory
  • Yu Wang
    Farasis Corp. Founder and CEO
  • Special Advisor Hong Li
    Prof. Physics Inst. Chinese Academy
  • Philippe Biensan
    Saft Director Tech
  • Kiyoshi. Kanamura
    Prof. Tokyo Metropolitan U.
  • XiaoKang Lai
    National Electricity R&D Director
  • William Chen
    ATL Founder PuTaiLai CEO
  • Christophe Pillot
    Avicenne Market Director
  • Yi Cui
    Prof. Stanford U. MRS and ECS Fellow
  • Guohua Li
    Former Sony SHA R&D GM, Chinese Chem New Energy CTO
  • Pierre Tran-Van
    Renault Group EDV Manager
  • NingNing Wu
    CITIC GuoAn MGL Battery CTO
  • FengChao Xie
    HuaWei Chief Scientist
  • ZhaoJun Luo
  • XiaoHe Hou
    eTrust Power CEO
  • Shmuel De-Leon
    Battery Market Expert & Analyst
  • 沈晞
    BYD Leader of EDV Batteries
  • S. Takayama
    Asahi Kasei Materials CEO
  • WenJuan Liu
    Microvast CTO
  • XinPing Qiu
    Prof. Tsinghua U.
  • Yongyao Xia
    Prof. Fudan U. Editor-J. Power Source
  • Dingguo Xia
    Prof. Peking U.
  • YanMing Xu
    Costlight Battery CEO
  • ZiDong Wang
    National Battery Test Center Director
  • YongHong Deng
    CapChem Chief Scientist
  • Feng Xiao
    Former BYD SHA GM, HongNa Materials CEO
  • T. Amazutsumi
    Sanyo Li-ion Fouder
  • H. Matsuyama
    Polypore/Asahi CEO
  • XinPing Ai
    Prof. WuHan U.
  • XueLong Lv
    ITRIT Market Director
  • RuKun Yang
    GeeSung Machinary CEO
  • ChiWei Wang
  • Bruce Miller
    Chair, IEEE Bat System; Sr. Mgr of Dell Computer
  • Yao Zhang
    Sunwoda CTO
  • LiWei Chen
    Prof. Shanghai Jiao Tong U.
  • Guorong Hu
    Prof. Central South U.
  • Quanhong Yang
    Prof. Tianjin U.
  • Qiang Zhang
    Prof. Tsinghua U.
  • Chaoyang Wang
    Prof. Penn State U., Battery model expert
  • Yuguo Guo
    Prof. Institute of Chemistry CAS
  • Kent Tu
    HuNan Li-Fun CEO
  • S. Reinartz
    R&D Director of Celgard
  • Guanglei Cui
    Prof. Qingdao Inst. of BioEnergy CAS
  • Kamal Shah
    Intel Director Chairman of PC Battery Group
  • Mo-Hua Yang
    Light EV STD Chair; TD Hi-Tech CEO
  • Zhibin Zhou
    Prof. Huazhong Science and Technology U.
  • Renjie Chen
    Prof. Beijing Institute of Technology U.
  • Haijun Yu
    Prof. Beijing U. of Technology
  • Jian Chen
    Prof. Dalian Inst. of Chemical Physics, CAS
  • Naoki Ota
    CTO of 24M Tech Electrode Expert

General Secretary

XiaoQing Yang

Prof. Brookhaven Lab.

Local Organizing Committee

Ping Gao

Chairman, Rechargeable Power Energy N. Am LLC

Rechargeable Power Energy N. Am LLC

Yanlong Liu

Organization Committee Chairman

China Industrial Association of Power Sources General Secretary

Organization Committee General Secretaries

Liwen Cheng

China Industrial Association of Power Sources
Director of International Liaison Department

Zhexu Zhang

Graduate School at Shenzhen, Tsinghua U.

YaJun Chao

ShiLing Xiao

WeiShi New Energy CEO

Prof. BaoHua Li

Graduate School at Shenzhen, Tsinghua U.

Welcome Message

Discussions and exchanges on these critical topics will be held among highest level of academic and industrial experts. For example, the top 20 scientists/engineers and EDV industrial leaders worldwide will attend and give presentations, sharing their most recent discoveries and challenges. In the past, LBIS usually has about 1300 attendees from all over the world and they regard LBIS as the conference with the highest level of academic and industrial standards in the lithium battery/EDV/ESS/CE field.

Again, it is our honor to invite you to attend the 4th LBIS.


John Zhang (张正铭)
Chairman of the 4th LBIS

Jeff Dahn
Vice Chairman of LBIS

On behalf of LBIS Organization Committee.

Lithium Battery International Summit

Contact Information

For more information on the following, download the agenda in English or email John Zhang at lbis_info@celgard.com for the detailed agenda in Chinese.

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